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Central Serous Choroidopathy

What is Central Serous Choroidopathy?

Central serous Choroidopathy is a disease of the retina in which there is an accumulation of fluid underneath the retina. People with central serous choroidopathy can notice decreased vision, distortion in their vision, or spots missing in their vision.

What causes Central Serous Choroidopathy?

There is typically no specific cause for central serous choroidopathy. However, there has been an association between central serous choroidopathy and pregnancy as well as steroid use.

How do I know if I have Central Serous Choroidopathy?

Your eye doctor would have to examine your eyes to determine whether you have central serous choroidopathy. Most commonly, your eye doctor will do a complete eye examination which includes dilating the pupils to look carefully at the retina. He/she may also order a fluorescein angiogram as well as an optical coherency tomography (OCT).

How is Central Serous Choroidopathy treated?

The good news about CSC is that over 90% of cases resolve without treatment. If treatment is necessary, possible treatment options may include laser, photodynamic therapy (PDT), or intravitreal injections.

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