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Mission Statement

Inland Valley Retina Medical Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients that need sub-specialty care with respect to diseases as they relate to Retina and Vitreous disorders. Retina and Vitreous disorders are a sub-specialty of Ophthalmology. 

The care provided shall be delivered in a compassionate and courteous manner.  Our staff members perform as professionals, and have been selected because of their exceptional talent and compassion for patients.

This company is dedicated to providing its staff with a courteous and respectful environment that will encourage exchange of ideas between all levels of employment.


Consistent with our Mission, we conduct our business based on the following core values:


Patients The impact on our patients is the first consideration with any of our business decisions.
Empowerment A fundamental notion to the employer is to empower employees by removing the barriers that prevent our employees from fulfilling the mission of the company.
Knowledge We invest in continuous education in order to expand our knowledge base and to provid innovative technology to our patients.
Significant accomplishments are rewarded.
Ethics Ethical behavior supersedes all other considerations in our business.